@gotetet (197)
November 22, 2008 9:56am CST
not all are perfect but all of us can make mistakes. what can you say about "there are always time to right your mistakes"?
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@meticulo (1286)
• United States
23 Nov 08
Yes I agree with you. There's always a room for improvement and correcting mistakes if you are just willing to do it. We have all the time in the world to do everything we want to do and I guess if given the chance we should do first all the necessary like asking forgiveness, not doing anymore the things which can hurt other people and yourself.
@diillu (5128)
22 Nov 08
I too think so. Mistakes teaches us alot on what not to do the next time. It really helps alot on deciding things next in our life. I don't know if there's next time for mistakes or not and usually many mistakes doesn't but I would say that every mistake teaches us one new lesson. And learning from mistakes is all about life. If we don't learn from our mistake then we don't learn at all and it would be another big time mistake of our life.