Catholic Religion

United States
November 22, 2008 10:08am CST
I have been considering becoming catholic. I haven't been to churh in 10 years and the last church I attended was filled full of crazy people who gossiped and acted crazy well everytime I went something bad always happened seriously whether it was police showing up at my door or someone breaking into my home. So I took it as a sign and stopped going. Well now that I have a child i was wanting to go back and since his father (as evil as he is) is a catholic I started to look in on the catholic religion because I would like to raise my son as a catholic also because of some people I take care of (i am a home health aide)are catholic and seem to act so differently and more pleasant. So I called up the catholic church in my town and spoke to the monsenior who said that I would have to attend classes and get a sponsor. I was kinda of puzzled as to why? I never heard of a church where you have to attend classes and get a sponsor and I kinda of wonder if I am doing the right thing. Can any catholics explain the process to me?
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@remrick (202)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
I used to be catholic.. but i'm not so sure what you're talking about... perhaps the classes are about the sacraments that have to be administered to you like baptism, confirmation, eucharist, etc... i went to a catholic school way back and as far as i know before one undergoes first communion (eucharist) and confirmation, you have to be taught about related doctrines and stuff... the sponsor being referred to might refer to your baptism, wherein godparents must be present to witness the event...
@redhotpogo (4419)
• United States
22 Nov 08
yeah I looked into the same thing. I'm confused about it. Online everything says you have to go through an initiation process, but when I talk to people who are catholics they say no, you just go to the church. If there is some initation process its wrong. I'm sure Jesus would be very upset about that.