NFS UNDERCOVER any news?????

November 22, 2008 11:29am CST
well the NFS team have released the another new game called undercover....anybody have played if or if anybody heard the review about that game can respond here....if anybody played the game also can give there reviews about the game here.......
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• India
23 Nov 08
ya i love the nfs games and i have also completed all the nfs games ya i heard the news that nfs has released the new game and i have download the games i have start playing it.....
• India
23 Nov 08
well as per the review says its not that gd mostwanted fan will be pretty much dissappionted with that game also their r some frame rate issue and the persuit breaker animation is pathetic in comparison to the this year gen graphics
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
22 Nov 08
This is a very good discussion and I am sure there are a lot of people out there who like the Need For Speed series and they have played or heard news about the new Need For Speed game Undercover,and they like it,and if they have played it they want to play it more,and if they have heard about it,they want to play it and see if it is as good as it sounds,and then I am sure there are a lot of people out there who might not like the Need For Speed series for one reason or another either because they do not like racing games,or they just do not like the way the Need For Speed games look,and they might have played Need For Speed Undercover and they hated it or they have heard things about it,and think it sounds completely stupid,and I can understand why people would think either way,I have never really been a fan of racing games but I like the Need For Speed series,I have played Underground 2,and Most Wanted,and I loved most wanted,because I loved getting to race blacklist rivals,and I loved having to do bounty,milestones and races to race them,and I loved that you had a chance to get the pink slips to their cars after you beat them which was awesome,and I always made sure I got the Supra from Vic,the Porche from Baron, the Lamburgini for Ming,and the Corvette form Webster which was my favorite and I always used that car to race Razor at the end for the BMW and I loved that police chases were in the game,I have seen my brother and one of my friends play Carbon and it seemed like a fun game,because you still have police chases,and you have three people who you fight with to gain territory and then you have to race them,the only thing I did not like from what I saw was in the beginning of the game,you wreck the BMW that you spent all of Most Wanted trying to get back while trying to evade Cross,and I am hoping to get that game for X-box one day,and then I saw my brother and friend play Prostreet and it looked like a stupid game,and both my brother and friend hated it and did not like playing it because it was not Need For Speed game and it was too much like racing on a track,and I have heard a lot about Undercover and I have seen previews and trailers for it,and it looks like it will be an awesome game,and I love the fact that it looks like you play a undercover cop who is trying to stop street racing in the underground,and I am hoping that me and my fiance will get it one day,and I am sure that my brother and friend will get it because they collect Need For Speed games,so if nothing else hopefully me and my fiance can borrow it from them to try it out,and see if it is as good as it looks,and I am sure it has to be better than Prostreet because that game was a disappointment in my opinion,and I am sure there are a lot of people who agree with me,especially my brother and my friend.