How to prevent Flatulence (Aerophagy)

November 22, 2008 12:21pm CST
Based from an article that I have bumped into: Aerophagy results simply from "eating" air. The condition is not dramatically serious, but it does bloat the stomach and can prove embarrassing (stomach gurgles, etc.) How to prevent it? Above all chew your food properly and savor it fully. Swallowing too much is a direct cause of aerophagy. So don't swallow needlessly. Don't drink a lot when you eat. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, cabbage, radishes, doughy bread, strong spices and bubbly drinks. Don't eat food that is too hot or too cold. And pay attention to the kinds of food you eat together: make a note of any combination that seems to provoke an attack and avoid it in future.
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