Should you be optimistic ,pessimistic or realistic ?

@ronnyb (6125)
November 22, 2008 5:11pm CST
Some people say whatever you believe will happen because the mind is a powerful tool and you will actualise what you conceptualize.Consequently if you are optimistic good things will happen and if you are pessimistic bad things will happen and i suppose reality sits in bewteen the two. The question is though can you be too optimistic ? and what happens if your optimism for some reason doesnt become reality.What are the implications for your mental state ,will you now become pessimistic and afraid to wish.Others think whatever is to be will be and your thought process has nothing to do with it ,these person prefer to let things work out to a grand scheme.This is the realist point of view ,wait and see and then take it from there. Which of the above are you ?
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@celticeagle (118276)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Nov 08
The brain is a powerful tool. I think realism is much more important that either of the other two choses. I believe in Fate and realism seems to fit with this better.
@suzzy3 (8362)
22 Nov 08
Well I suppose the answer to this yes ,no and yes does that help and get used to disappointment especialy if you support Arsenal.