's a secret. Santa DOES exist.

@taface412 (3176)
United States
November 22, 2008 6:26pm CST
Today we drew names for our Secret Santas at work. Well, I am keeping mine a secret, but I can tell you within 15 minutes after the drawing about five or six already knew which meant by the end of week everyone will have a good idea who has who...or think they do. Like I said I am sticking to my guns by not telling anyone...I like the idea of them not really knowing. In fact this is the only time I find little white lies to be helpful. If you do not know here is how secret santa list three or four things you like or would like to give your santa an idea. Set a spending limit and set an exchange date. You then place the names in a pot and everyone draws a name. Then you just follow the ideas they gave you and have fun with it. I always love playing this around the holidays because it is fun to see how people get into it. After all, santa is a secret right? Do you do things like Secret Santa, Secret Angel (a little more complex than SS) and Dirty Santa (I am not sure exactly how this works but I do know it is not what it suggests...unless you want it to be that way)? Do you think it brings out the best in co-workers or the worst in co-workers?
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@Anne18 (11036)
27 Nov 08
Of course santa does exist. We used to do secret santa at a very past workplace of mine. I actually got my own name out of the hat, I didn't say anything as everyone else was happy with the names that they had got, so I had great fun shopping for my gift, got someone to write on the label and nobody knew until after the event of unwrapping the gifts happened
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
23 Nov 08
I have heard of this before but I have never really been involved in one myself, I think a lot of people who have a lot of people to buy for are going this way as it is only one present you have to buy, even families are doing this now, usually when the kids get a bit older as I don't think kids would be too impressed with it...