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@mhildi (52)
November 22, 2008 7:27pm CST
This is my first discussion, and its about my favourite sport, badminton. Well, i live on Indonesia almost 117 years.. im sorry 17 years, and Badminton in my country is the most favourite of all sport, i think. How about your country? Even France Badminton Association train's their badminton player in Indonesia, this is the prove that Indonesia known by other country because their badminton reputation in World Competition. How about your country? Are you like badminton too? Im sorry for my bad writing on english language. Bravo for Indonesia Badminton Team!!
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@zamakh (518)
• South Korea
20 Dec 08
hi, i'm from indonesia too, i like badminton like you do. indonesia is one of the best country in badminton with china, south korea, denmark and malaysia. but recently china dominated almost all kind of badminton ( i mean single, double, mixed and else) especially the women. indonesia shows some decreasing in their performance. i hope indonesia team getting better from time to time..
@mhildi (52)
• Indonesia
25 Dec 08
After so looooong i waited, someone comment on my discussion, THANK YOU VERY MUCH,
@sayasakti (167)
• Malaysia
4 Feb 09
i have my own favourite sport too...my favourite sport is badminton...i love badminton so much...i always play badminton everywhere...i rather spend my free time just to play badminton with my friends...i am a future badminton player in my country...i hope so...our country also well known of our badminton sport here...current world no1 of man singles is lee chong wei from malaysia...former top ten of women singles wong mew choo from malaysia also...the duo pair,currently ranking no4 of mans double and current no5 the controvertion player koo kien kiet/tan boon heong,fairuzizuan/zakry and former no1 women doubles,wong pei tty/chin eei hui...i am very proud of malaysian badminton that achieve a very good achievement in every tournament they had join...i know and i aware that one day i will replace them and so i will become a very good and professional player at that peak...mhildi...when that day come,you would wish that i will go to your country and play badminton,the well known sports there...and i might be busy taking photograph and give away autograph to all of my fans and my supporters in indonesia by then...and when i too old enough,i will organize my own championship in my country and i will make my country proud and glad for who i am for...wish me luck k my friends of mylot...i hope you all will enjoy here...thank you...and take care for the sake of our future badminton...
@cibork (1)
• Indonesia
23 Nov 08
hey, Indonesia.... Taufik Hidayat, right? I too love Badminton!! Its very simple and healthy.