Most Dangerous Holidays for Drivers

@sivanj (1263)
November 22, 2008 9:23pm CST
These are the most dangerous holidays for drivers: No. 5: New Year's Eve/Day Average Vehicular Deaths: 421 Don't let the relatively low rank make you comfortable. Late-night partying and icy roads make a deadly combination. No. 4: Labor Day Weekend Average Vehicular Deaths: 488 Be especially vigilant if the holiday falls on Sept. 1 or 2 -- those two days are among the top 10 most dangerous days for driving. No. 3: Memorial Day Weekend Average Vehicular Deaths: 493 On Memorial Day weekend, 38 million people hit the streets in search of a warm, out-of-town weekend. No. 2: Independence Day Average Vehicular Deaths: 505 Keep an eye out for heavy drinkers who didn't have the good sense to stay home and off the roads. No. 1: Thanksgiving Average Vehicular Deaths: 573 AAA's biggest travel holiday of the year saw 623 traffic fatalities in 2006, the most recent year on record. Whats your opinion on this?
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