Training for a new career.

@suzzy3 (8357)
November 23, 2008 2:35pm CST
Have you ever thought about retraining for something new,Say you work as an accountsnt ,working outside as a builder, or you are a builder and you long to work indoors.You are a nurse but long to be fire person, a forensic scientist wish they were a hairdresser it must happen people get manuvoured into occupations that the family wanted rather than what you wanted.
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@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
23 Nov 08
Yes I have.In these times of job insecurity anyone who is forward thinking would be thinking along these lines .It cant hurt to diversify one's income streams.Personally I went to college and now I work in an office but apart from the opportunity to wear nice clothes to work ,I dont make as much money as many skilled persons.These persons have flexible work hours which means they can set their hours to their liking.Consequently they dont have to get up when they dont want to and they can work longer hours if they have a job they have to finish.They may also take their time in finishing these jobs.This flexibility ofcourse translates into less stress and greater job satisfaction.The capacity for financial remuneration are also great as they can do as many jobs as they wish per day and get to choose rates which are significantly higher. Based on these considerations I have always considred the option of doing skills training. Good one suzzy
@hildas (3031)
23 Nov 08
I trained as a hairdresser, but I would love to do graphic design. I think it would take quite a few years to do this and it would be very expensive, but I wish I could give it a go.