Can you tell me what is happiness?

@mengrufa (239)
November 23, 2008 7:38pm CST
Hardly anyone can't tell what happiness is. And one thing may be regarded as the highest form of happiness for one person, and another thing may be seen as the biggest happiness for another person. We always smile, laugh and enjoy somthing, but are those happiness? I don't know.Some say that having a lot of money will be happy, another say that having a docile wife is happiness, besides, forming a good family is happiness. I don't agree to those totally, when being happy, i think you will surely consider whether this happy time will last for a long long time. My friend, happiness always exists around, tell me what your opinions towards happiness?
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@laladida (151)
• United States
24 Nov 08
happiness is like you are care-free and not worrying about other matters.
@mengrufa (239)
• China
24 Nov 08
But i think this is only individualist. We are a member of this society, we are not alone, we can not live without others. For example , if you don't care anything around , so will you still happy that when there is only you live in this world?