Lycan Build

United States
November 24, 2008 1:00am CST
So stormragetz wanted to know my build for the current Lycan Personally this is one build that has never failed me Here it is Vlads treads BKB armlet - change to Heart or Satanic late game if you have all slots filled Deso *Last item up to you* Explanation for items Vlads - this non orb lifesteal item allows you to early game neutral and also rosh at 10 minutes. The recent change on lycan lost him and his wolves 2 armor, which vlads adds back. Treads - ...its treads, what else, phase boots? I say w/e to phase boots as i guess you can use it when chasing a hero to avoid creeps but i still stick with treads. BKB - aha now this is the core item you must get for him. This allows him to avoid stuns while in wolf form. Armlet - its great for early game kills as it adds a huge amount of early game damage. Great for fast kills. Deso - helps lycans dps by a lot as it lowers their armor. Last item slot usually for aegis. Post your builds here and ill rate.