tips on how to manage finances

November 24, 2008 3:26am CST
1. See how much money is coming every month. This includes income from jobs and rakets. Then write down how much you owe exactly. Calculate the money you need for everyday household (groceries, utility bills, rent) and personal living expenses (food, transportation, clothes), so you will also see where you can cut down. 2. Budget. Commit to set aside every month the amount needed for your household and personal living expenses. See how much you can afford to allot for debts payments. Make sure you set aside 10 percent for savings. 3. Borrow money at a lesser interest. It would be wise to pay off a s much of your credit card bill as you can. Apply for a salary loan from SSS through your company, or from a financial institution. Their rates are definitely lower than the one slapped on you by the credit card company. Another alternative would be to borrow from a family member, who most likely will not charge you interest. The sooner you wipe out that credit card debt, the better. 4. Shop around for a health plan for you and your family. With it, you will be able to meet medical expenses in the future at a small cost. For college tuition expenses; choose to pay in installment amounts you can afford. ANY ADDITIONAL TIPS ON HOW TO MANAGE FINANCES?
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