cooking in non-stick....???

@vandhu (432)
November 24, 2008 10:05am CST
i heard over a news that cooking in non-stick cookware is highly hazardous. moreover it secretes a poisonous chemical in the blood which is highly risky for expectant mothers. i really dont know if it is true... well share in your thoughts...
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@calyxus (827)
• Philippines
24 Nov 08
Non-stick cookwares, for this time being, is actually healthier compared to ordinary cooking utensils. It is non-stick so you need not use cooking oil, thus avoiding the killer cholesterol and fats. However, I said for this time being because that news is yet to be proved. And unless it is proven to be true, the norms on non-stick to be healthier is still the best explanation.
@efarmer (184)
24 Nov 08
Oh really is it true? I have eating for years now food cooked in nonstick pans but I dont seem to have a problem yet. There is so much information out there. you never know which to trust and which not to. just cant be sure. I have never had any such experience or not have known anybody with such an experience so well I am so sure it is true
@icegermany (2524)
• India
24 Nov 08
if it is so hazardeous government should bann those items but it is highly and widely used and is common and at once how can they just tell this and there are many people who prefer to cook in non-stick and it also consumes less oil and we can do things better and cook well and this kind of news is really not going to effect till a severe step against it is taken. first it was just non stcik pans available but now we can find there are more utensils of non stick and it is widely used.