how do you arrange your time for job-hunting?

United States
November 24, 2008 1:09pm CST
I have decieded to look for a new job since last year, perhaps, the last last year. However, no resume has ever been sent out yet. During the workday, I always tell myself that I need to find a new job right now since I hate my current job so much. Whenever I go back home, the idea of changing my job seems disappeared already. During the weekend I would be busy cooking, watching TV, playing games and going shopping; it seems that I am not in the mood of job-hunting. What is the problem with me? have you ever had this kind of experience? What is your method to solve this kind of problem? The fact is that I really need to change my job!
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• United States
26 Nov 08
I think the problem is that though you don't like your job very much, you are accustomed to your job and you kown everything about your job. as a matter of fact, you are accustomed to your life, though it looks bore. you do not have as motive as you think to change your job