What is Your Favorite Store?

@kkthom3 (279)
United States
November 24, 2008 2:18pm CST
I love to shop for clothing. It's like therapy for me, it makes me so happy. But if I go to expensive stores then I can't buy very much. Recently I found the store Forever 21. I love this store because all of their clothes are cute and trendy and they are very affordable. This is definitely my favorite place to buy clothing. Where do you buy most of your clothes?
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25 Nov 08
Hi! When I have money, I go to New York and Company or Dress Barn. When I don't have much money, I go to JC Penney. I usually buy blouses and sweaters, and shoes! I don't frequent these shops every payday, though, especially now that times are harder. I go shopping for clothes every 2-3 months. I live in the States now, and I truly miss the stores I would frequent in the mall in my native country because the clothes looked different. My co-workers here in the States would always inquire about my clothes whenever I wear the clothes that I bought from my country on my vacation last summer. Happy myLotting to you!
• United States
24 Nov 08
My favorite clothing store right now is Ashley Stewart, Im a big girl and she has the best clothes in style. one thing I hate (Catherines) is a store for big women but we look like a whole different speices. I mean the clothes are so granny and outdatted it makes me mad. Ashley has clothes for little women but in bigger sizes, nothing to crazy but somethings we carry skinny girls don't have and get mad LOL...
@34momma (13895)
• United States
24 Nov 08
I would have to say it is a toss up between Kmart and Family Dollar. i will tell you why. i love Kmart because i can go in there and almost alway find what i am looking for. plus they have lay-a-way which has saved my butt a few times!! and i love Family Dollar becuase they have all of your household needs for really cheap! what is better then $1 for dove deorderant!!!!