NEWS CHANNEL----more of bla bla then news??

November 24, 2008 2:35pm CST
for the past few months i hv noticed that news channels hv become a source of entertainment....instead of deliverin news they just keep on concentratin on there ratings...for that they just keep on engaging themselves with some scams wht they called it yh BREAKIN NEWS----lol :)
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@timou87 (1642)
• Singapore
26 Nov 08
I have noticed news channels taking such a path and it really worries me. News channels should be focused on what their name suggests - news. News worthy events that keep people informed of what is going on in the community, in the country, in the region, and around the world. However, news channels are, at the end of the end, commercial entities seeking to maximize their profits, and they will be forced to focus on their ratings eventually. News that depresses people do not make for good ratings, so they have to resort to sensational gossip and rumors that are often unsubstantiated and greatly undermines the professionalism of the journalism industry and journalists who risk their lives and well-being in bringing news that matters to viewers.
@stinge (808)
• United States
24 Nov 08
I think the news has allways ben like that. I have noticed it more sonce I've actually been paying attention to news reports recently. It's like they go from the weather report, to the sports report, and then they feel the need to tell us that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted having lunch with their 18 kids at Pizza Hut. And then they go back to the presidential campaign. I dont't get that at all. Or have you ever seen the news early in the morning, while they are reporting on one thing they have other stories scrolling by at the bottom of the screen. And it's usually a mixture of real news along with celebrity gossip. I don''t get why it's neccessary to keep us informed about 2 morons in Hollywood getting divorced.