Holiday Crooks! Anything like this ever happened to you?

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@Cerego (117)
United States
November 24, 2008 3:02pm CST
Last year around this time, I was on my way to the bank, around 5pm, to cash my check when a man in a white van flagged me down at a red light. Now I thought,"maybe he has to tell me something important, like one of my tires is low, or something." So I rolled down my window, and he says, "Hi. You're about the prettiest thing I've seen all day." Kind of freaked out, I just said, "Thanks," and rolled the window back up and kept driving. As I drove on I noticed he would change lanes as I did, so I sped up hoping I would lose him. When I got to the bank I was hoping he didn't see me turn in. I went inside,and glancing out the window, I thought I saw the white van, so I told the teller, "There was a man following me and I think he's outside." She informed me to tell the security guard. So I did on my way out. When I got outside, the man was parked right on the left side of my car! It really freaked me out! He was still sitting in the van. The security guard walked with me to my car, spoke to the man in the van, and then walked around to the back of the van to get his plate number. I left the bank, and was so glad I wasn't being followed anymore. So, be very careful and aware of your surroundings this holiday season. Happy Holidays!
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@Natara (171)
• Canada
13 Dec 08
That is VERY creepy T_T It's never happened to me but I'm sure that I'd probably do the same thing as you. Did he look a lot older than you? If he did that would definitely be more creepy... Thank you for the warning just in case :) Happy Holidays to you too ^^
@Cerego (117)
• United States
14 Dec 08
He looked as if he could be over 60. he had white hair. yeah, Merry Christmas!
• United States
24 Nov 08
Wow I would have been very scared! However I would have driven to the nearest police station because who truly has the nads to continue stalking you in the police station parking lot. I would have also filed a complaint against whomever it was.
@Cerego (117)
• United States
25 Nov 08
you know, I was too shaken up to even think of that. But you are right.