have you ever wished for something and got it?

United States
November 24, 2008 3:50pm CST
I played the lotto once and won $250 we used that towards rent, so that wish came true. I didn't wish to win the lotto but just help with the rent and i took a chance with playing the lotto.
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• Philippines
25 Nov 08
I wished to have a new Judo uniform. Then I had a new job, that was the first thing I bought when I received my first salary.
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@Anne18 (11036)
24 Nov 08
I have and it was a let down as I knew I was going to win, no surprise or anything. Let me tell you my story. Years a go when I was a teenager I went to a panto with a friend,they were selling raffle tickets on the way in. i only brought one as they were a bit pricey and plus there was only one prize. I said to my friend i am going to win! At half time they drew the raffle and yes I won. It was a good prize but i just couldn't feel glad about it. Nothing else has happened like that since.
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• United States
24 Nov 08
Wow that is nice. I have never wished for something and received it. I don't believe in luck or fate so yeah.. all comes down to chance in my opinion.
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• Canada
3 Dec 08
I took a chance with a radio call in contest because there was a show that I really wanted to see in Toronto. tickets to that show were the prize. I happened to be the 7th caller, and I won, so I was able to go. The show was great, and I had a good dinner too.