Combat TV show

United States
November 24, 2008 4:40pm CST
This was a great show from the 60's, starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. It is extremely realistic, and was the longest running WWII drama ever. I don't think they still play it on TV, but it has been published on DVD, both in special sets and the complete 5 seasons. It is the story of a platoon of American GIs fighting their way across France after D-Day. I was reluctant to watch it, because I was afraid they would not pay proper tribute to all the brave soldiers who fought and died for us in WWII, but my fears were unfounded. Even though it is supposed to be anti-war, it really shows the thoughts and feelings of the troops who experienced Combat in WWII, as well as the effects the war had on the soldiers and civilians in France.
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