will u meet your internet buddy?

November 24, 2008 10:50pm CST
I think it's normal for us to have some internet friends under this information time. We make friends online, exchang our views and ideas on everythings. Even something we never shared with our real friends or family members, but we do share with our internet friends. Maybe bcz we feel more safter? but once the relationship deepen, we feel like to see each other so eagerly. we feel like to know him/her in real life. It's nothing new to see some dangerous cases on meeting the internet buddy. However, will u still wanna meet ur internet buddy? maybe we can find lots reason to keep the unsafe factors which hindered us away. I do have a very good internet friends, we have knew each other for four years till now. But we never met each other in real life and never asked such request. Just online and chat or exchange share everything. To me, he is really one of my best friends who i needn't to meet at all. I do believe him, either he does. Two years ago, i met one internet buddy who i've chatted for one year. But,we both were embrassing and disappointed, after that, we never connected each other anymore. that's the result. hey, all mylot friends, will u meet ur internet buddy in real life? why? can u keep your relationship forever ? thank you for sharing best wishes for everyone!
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
10 Mar 09
I could probably do that. I mean, we'd just meet up and have an awkward time with each other as we have associated ourselves through the internet, it seems difficult to start all over again in real life. Then again, you did mention about those who use the internet to get their victim. There are indeed a lot of hints wherein you could distinguish if the person whom you are communicating online has good intentions or not. Still, you never know if they are just acting or really sincere. I think I have a couple of internet friends and I have not seen them in person but, just through pictures that they share. We live far apart but, chances of meeting up is not that difficult. If we really wanted to meet up, that is. However, we are already comfortable with just communicating through the internet as we already have things to do in our own lives, setting aside a date to meet up seems really difficult after all. They are all nice by the way and I sense that they are genuine people.
@loxion (1551)
• India
25 Nov 08
i think some other people can be rude and turn to be dangerous as you said, but i also think that we should atleast have a technique or a certain intelligence to tell if someone on the other side is deadly or bad, i mean someone who always looking to rush things can be the sign that they will turn out to be somehow bad. someone who will always ask you "when are going to meet and how long do you think it going to take for us to meet" should also signal something bad coming your way And also someone who is always soft and always willing to help you and not being that hush could signal a good friendship. Always making phone calls and chating about daily things and solving each others problems Yes i can visit friends i met online but keeping the relationship to last i never done it and for me I'm not sure if it will. But i do get lot of people saying maybe we can start relationship and asking me what i feel about what they say, and i find it difficult to follow on that especially when they are talking about relationships But i did heard about lot of people who met online and get married started a great family and living happy, but for me because i never tried it i'm not sure if it will work