Why many people seem to be lonely and unhappy in marriage and relationships?

@deepti15 (1190)
November 25, 2008 12:28am CST
why do some people seem so lonely and unhappy in marriage and relationships? Why do some not get out if they are so unhappy and lonely? I am just curious. Is it neglect?, or commitment issues I don't understand. Does everyone feel lonely in their marriages at some point? If you're married why not try to make the most out of it? What I feel is there are plenty of reasons. Some people go into marriages with unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, they happen, sometimes they don't. Some people take their vows seriously, some think it is ok to break them. You won't understand unless you know them very well. Yes, we try to make our marriages work for as long as we can, and it is when we don't want to try anymore, that is when the marriage or any relationship is over. When you don't care anymore, you won't share anymore.