The best sunset I have seen... At this moment in time that is.

The best sunset I have seen in Singapore - Yes, this is the only best sunset I have witness in Singapore at this moment in time. I am not that lucky to view beautiful things.
@ksherrie (891)
November 25, 2008 1:01am CST
I do not have a chance to travel... So I do not have a chance to see beautiful things around. So far, at this moment in time, this is the best sunset I have ever seen in Singapore. Furthermore, this photo attached is taken on my birthday on the Singapore Flyer. Yes, I am not lucky with witnessing beautiful stuff.. Yes, I know this is not the best.. I know i haven't seen anything yet.. I wish i can go places to see things and experience more.. At least that is my dream. So what have you seen that is the most beautiful so far?
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