Is there a reason to worry about the Prophecy of a New World Order & Antichrist

November 25, 2008 1:45am CST
Over the past months during the US presidential elections more and more people are connecting the events to the Prophecy fortold by many writers in the Bible as well as many moderen day profits. What I would liek to see is a huge discussion on any and all the things you believe or don't believe. Lets make this a very informative discussion. Please be sure you can support your comments with a hyperlink that matches what you are discussing and your reasons you are pro or con about it. I know ther is so many websites, blogs and other information such as the news and other media outets that can support your points and arguments. Please keep it on topic and respect each otehrs input. If you disagree please be sure you discuss it in a tone that shows respect to all readers and the contribitor. I hope we can make history with this discussion. Let the topic begin and never end.
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@shamsta19 (3225)
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1 Dec 08
I am mad as I am writing this a second time lost it the first time. Ok back in the eighties I was reading a lot of information about the coming of new technology that was to usher in the Cashless society( the internet being one of them). Everyone would have to receive a microchip implanted in their hand or behind the eye that when scanned, would carry your financial, medical and personal information. Everyone would have to own a computer in order to survive and stay "online." I spent a lot of time in the 1990's trying to pass this information around and get people aware. is a link discussing this and while I got my information from other sources, this is basically what we were talking about fifteen,twenty years ago. It is amazing how much of what we were talking about has already come to pass. I I hear this Antichrist is in Belgium running the supercomputer that has us all connected. Some believe this Antichrist is the embodiment of the New World Government that is supposed to take over as well. Ok there's the prophecies of Nostradamus. Don't know how much , if any, faith you may place in his writings but he made a lot of predictions that have seemingly come to pass as well I really was never a follower of his writings but you cannot ignore the obvious similarities in recent events and his quatrains of his time. The towers falling, wars, etc. All of this stuff is also written of in the Bible in Revelations. Are we truly living in the last days? The type of things you are asking about are coming to pass as we speak my friend. Disguised in new technological advances and microchips that are so small they can be injected into your bloodstream via a needle.