Why do people get marry? Is it because of love or responsibility?

November 25, 2008 2:55am CST
..Have you ever had a friend who got pregnant by her boyfriend and because of that, they got married? Is it really because they love each other that they got married or simply because they have a responsibility to each other? If you will ever experience this, and you found out that you don't really love the person, will you still marry him because you are having a baby?
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• India
26 Nov 08
They MARRY EACHOTHER BECAUSE THEY ARE IN LOVE, SOONER IT WILL BECOME A RESPONSIBILITY,lol.....About pregnancy i have never seen anyone getting married to their girlfriend because she is pregnant.
@mansha (6301)
• India
25 Nov 08
I think marrying is a social ritual , if you love someone enough to spend your life with that person,you need no paper signed by anyone for yourself but yes you do need it when it comes to staying commited in the eyes of society and for your own financial and emotional security. So that his immediate family also accpets you as their own and accept you in to their midst. As for choosing to marry you must wait for the right person and not just marry anyone because you are being pressurised to get get married by your friends and relatives. Becaus eits your life and you need to make decisions as to what will make you happy and keep you that way for a long long time and no one else.
@diillu (5128)
25 Nov 08
I think getting married in this kind of condition or getting married out of responsibility, these kind of marriage rarely has a happy ending. Cause sooner or later these responsibility would turn into burden and would lead to the divorce. As for me I would never marry a person just because I'm going to be mother of his child. I would prepare myself before getting married cause as I always say failed relationship is better than the failed marriage.