what brand of cell phone you hated the most and why?

November 25, 2008 3:12am CST
mine i hate to buy nokia. its because it does change its feature every month (i guess). what about you?
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@djonghs (560)
• Indonesia
25 Nov 08
Me too, I hate Nokia the most and I try my best to avoid it. Why? because Nokia always release a new series every month but just with a little change of technology and they charge you high. If where you live most of the provider always sell a cellphone with contract, then you will not experience such situation, but like where I live where you could buy only the cellphone and choose your own provider then you will know what I mean. Nokia release a lot of cellphones, but each cellphones only carry a small new features. That's how their marketing way to rope you. BR
• Singapore
25 Nov 08
OP: Hate nokia? I guess youre in the minority then, judging by how nokia IS the largest manufacturer. Change its feature? Do you mean it launches a new feature phone too frequently? Or new features are being added all the time? Either way, isnt it a good thing? With the myriad of combinations of features and form factors youre bound to find something you like. Personally all my phones thus far have been nokias. Something about the OS that lures me back each time.
@unagie (122)
• India
25 Nov 08
i hate samsung... they are so toy like... and the lower model support jad files and not jar files. their sound quality is also very poor.. according to me sony is the best