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November 25, 2008 6:56am CST
what is seo? i have seen it so much in forums, topics. I saw it so many times that i am curious now.what exactly is it. sorry i don't know what it is and some one said you carn through seo? how?
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@worldview (105)
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11 May 10
Search Engine Optimization is of two main types, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. First let u discuss about the on-page optimization. On-page optimization is a difficult process and only an efficient SEO expert can attempt all the procedures. On-page optimization starts with keyword research. The keywords are those particular words which are used by the internet users to search for any particular topic in the search engines. The keywords are related to the topic that a person searches for. These keywords are published from the search engines in the websites as an aggregate; the SEO experts of a SEO company goes through all these keywords and determine which ones to use for a website. After the appropriate keywords are obtained, they are implemented on the pages of the website at perfect density and frequency. Along with the keywords and key phrases, Meta tags and HTML codes are also used in the website. Tagging the title of a website's content title is very important. The titles of the contents of the website are given much importance, keywords and Meta tags are used in the titles
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2 Jun 09
A good SEO applies various tactics to get a web site popular. I suggest sign up for Site-Reference newsletter to get new ideas about various modern day strategies to promote your site. Following is the URL
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28 Nov 08
SEO is Search Engine Optimization, it is the better way of finding your website in the best search engines and building website traffic to your site.....