I love my best friend

November 25, 2008 8:58am CST
Syliva is my best friend,she is a girl,but I never think she was a girl before,and i always cosider her one of mu buddies But something changed since one short to Syliva's city(our university at different cities)at the Mid autumn Day,and when i came back i found some different feeling between us,in futher that I felt like i fall in love with her!And i never found this feeling before but noe i feel myself can not leave her now! i don't know the feeling is love or not but i can last a day without her msg and call, i am so confused about it and i don't know how to tell her taht i had some feeling about her. so i only make jokes in the phone with her and we have a brawl for i asking her for her classmate's number(that girl is a beautiful girl),but i think that just a joke But out of my mind,at this holiday of national birthday,everytihng changed,i went back to my hometown to have my holiday,and i have a party with my friend then Syliva came, i don't know why she gave a unhappy face to me and she judge of me all night and that make me so angry and i got drunk ai that night,and i get a quarrel with her,i said a lot of words what hurt her very much and she went away oN ANOTHER DAY MY FRIEND TOLD me waht i had done last night, i have a big shock and i sent a msg to make a apologize but she didn't reply me after the holiday,i have been kept in touch with her but she always be cool,she said everyting was past and she never mind it but i can feelher cool heart claerly and she didn't answer my phone and reply my msgand now we almost lose connect between us,no msg,no call, i even lose the chance to make a apologize to her
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@Purtle (274)
• United States
26 Nov 08
That's a shame my friend. I really hope something works out. Best of luck to you, and don't lost hope!