I love my best friend (2)

November 25, 2008 9:23am CST
I can't forget the days i during with syliva, at that time we both freshemen in the university,and everything in the big city is strangeand horroble to us ,and we sent msg and give a call to courage each other to take off the pressure the strange enviorment gave us and the most interesting thing is Syliva and me are enemy at the high school ,we are competitor at study ,and i got a higher score than her ,but i always weak than her ,and she think college entrance examination is the biggest failure of her lifebecause she always have a good achievement at study ,and she think she can enter the key college ,but things achieve the oppsite of what she intended,and we become more and more closer at the time duriing the university but my friend told me at that night i said a lot about the college entrance examination and satirizing her !!! i don't know wh i hurt her so much?Isn't it I love her? what should i do for saving our relationship? what s my ture feeling about Syliva? Lover or friend? who can help me? i don't mind losing a girlfriend but i really don't want to lose a friend so dear all,help me please, tell me what should i do SOS!!!!!
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