Age of the Fae.. is it over?

November 25, 2008 11:23pm CST
The current standard metagame proved to be an advantage for faerie decks. Using the key cards like bitterblossom, cryptic command, scion of oona, and mistbind clique.. the fae has a variety of ways to win the game as they can go aggro with tokens or control the game board. But the recently released Shards of Alara expansion didn't contribute much to faerie decks as other decks (specially Red decks) become more suited to combat fae decks. stompy creatures of red such as ashenmoor gougers, early figure of destinies, and boggart ram gang may cause threats to the fae since they are played early in the game and Agony Warps or infest cannot stoip them.. not to mention pyroclasms that make bitterblossoms hurt so bad. Is it wise to change into a different deck when using faeries?.. or is it wiser to play them since not too many people are using the fully equipped red decks.. and Conflux is coming out in january, so it probably has utility cards that may help the fae maintain its place at the top..
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