Bush or Tony Blair? Who is worst?

November 8, 2006 12:30am CST
I hate both of them.
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@psmohan (1883)
• India
8 Nov 06
Bush is arrogant
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• Canada
8 Nov 06
Thanks for your reply.
@clover779 (698)
• Portugal
11 Nov 06
Come on people, let's be a little intelligent, let's not just say tha they are arrogant or whatever people say and I find senseless. I am not connected to any of them, either against or in favor, but I know that they are "trying" to do their job. Bush has no power at all, do not give him credit, he has a bunch of jews behind controlling him, so he connot take any decision in fact, why should he be arrogant? He lacks power, he is controlled. Tony blair is trying to protect a country with lots of cancers, lots of internal problems, one of the being the muslim community, if it was me I would not have as much patience... But he is just trying to make everybody live in peace ib the same country. Independently from whatever interests or corruption there may be, I think that we musr judge every men for what he does and how hard he tries to help, not just for being against or in favor becaus of media, news, political iterests or religion...