Who's your favourite Eyeshield 21 character?

November 26, 2008 8:54am CST
Most of the protaganists in this anime have their own spiels. Guess who's my favourite? YA-HA! ^_^
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@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
27 Nov 08
Yeah, Hiruma is a pretty crazy and manipulative guy. But that's what makes him so great. I like how he has blackmail material on just about anyone. It's crazy how everyone is so scared of him. He basically gets away with anything. I also like Sena too. He started off that the typical weak and wimpy guy but as the series progressed his character became even better. He gained more self confidence and grew a lot as a person.
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
He's really a bad guy doing his bad deeds for the good of the team! Ke ke ke Taki could have been a goodie but lack air time and looks. Also with Musashi but his name sucks for a cool image. Shin is always there as a runner-up but he's like Rukawa, very silent.
19 Feb 11
I love Hiruma but sometimes i think with that much power he has, it's scary. Although at least we know that the money he own is legal and most of his action are illegal. haha