How Green Do You Consider Yourself?

United States
November 26, 2008 3:46pm CST
How "Green" do you consider yourself and your lifestyle? It's a huge subject and movement in the world today and we should all do our part. I run a website and would love to hear your feedback on the Green movement. What are some ways and practices your follow to aid the environment and conserve? Personally, I recycle pretty much everything...paper, plastics, glass and aluminum. I also have compact fluorescent light bulbs. I hang up all my laundry to dry and unplug all unused appliances.
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• United States
26 Nov 08
i am not green at all. i just try to live my life. being green is a lot of stress and i'm not that organized. sorting recyclables is a head ache.
• United States
27 Nov 08
Thats ashame as it doesnt take much effort at all. Just start by recycling one thing like paper and you'll see how easy it is. It is also very self satisfying.
@greyy21 (181)
• Ireland
26 Nov 08
Well, i was a "green school" (dunno if you've heard of it, it's a project nd schools have to cut down on energy, rubbish, keep the grounds clean and all that) rep. for my class when i was in school. We had a meting every month and had to monitor bins and make sure people put plastic in plastic bin, paper in paper bin etc. nd tell a teachers to switch off lights... bossing around teachers was the fun part! =D At home now i have a lot of seperate bins, even one for compost out of food. I keep tellin my roomates to turn off lights, use the back of paper nd unplug things xD
• United States
26 Nov 08
Very impressive. Keep it up!
@fszfox (29)
• Romania
5 Feb 10
I am as green as a cucumber :)) I like beeing eco, i enjoy a lot of actions, i use to get involved into local campains like environment education programs but i quit because in my country (somewere in Europe) appeared 3 "ecologyst" political parties and i was unpleased by them as they were only collecting votes from foulling us.I want to begun again projects in future. I remained green all this time, in ways like sharing stuff and car, recicleind, useing economic light bulbs, buyng less unorganic food, avoidind genetical modifies corn products...