Online money additcions

@jyaegel (161)
United States
November 26, 2008 5:36pm CST
My wife is complaining I am spending to much time trying to make money online when I am only making about 7 pennies a day. I am not in it for the money just to have fun. She is telling me to stop unless I find something that pays. Any suggestion would help get her off my back. Please help ASAP!
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• United States
26 Nov 08
I don't believe your wife understands the concept of an addiction. Wanting to have fun online and enjoying the responses from everyone is not an addiction and if you get to make a little money in the process is not in my opinion a problem. You should as her if she made any money other then her normal job today? If her answer is no then what is her logic.
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@kittenclaus (1393)
• United States
28 Nov 08
OH MY GOSH, your wife and my boyfriend must know each other!! Ha, ha. My boyfriend was always on me about being on the computer, he'd get mad about it and not talk to me the rest of the night. Granted I was almost in the same boat as you. Only earning pennies a day but than one day changed all his complaining. We were low on money and had stopped at the grocery store to pick up just a couple of items. One of our favorite meals is a T bone steak dinner. I happened to notice they had (at a good price) two of the biggest, nicest t bones I ever saw. My boyfriend was drooling and saying too bad we can't buy them. I picked the steaks up, put them in the cart and answered "yes we can". I paid for them off my Paypal card from money I had earned on line. From that point on he has never complained again. My advice to you, save up your money and the next time she see's something she wants (within reason) pay for it with your earnings. If that doesn't work than I don't know what will. In the mean time, do what I did, grin and bear it. Hope everything works out and good luck!
@minx267 (14585)
• Hartford, Connecticut
27 Nov 08
Well I found a autosurf site that you would invest a minimum of $12 in (which lets face is is about what most people spend on lottery tickets) and every 12 days after you autosurf 12 pages it matures and gives you back 144%. I have invested a "few" more dollars and in the last week I have made a $74 profit. Easy and fun to watch money grow.. it is called DPP- dailyprofitpond.. I have a banner on my profile page. Or if you want to try A free site.. that pays well 6dgr is a social networking site that pays $4 per referral, $3 for your referral's referral and $2 for 3rd level. I have made about $100 here in 3 months even slacking off for the last 3weeks.... Also a link on my profile page... Good luck
@mylt08 (54)
• China
27 Nov 08
I just have the same problem, My friend invite me to do some online surveys for making money, I was convenced to do so. 'cause I'm just the beginner, my wife blamed me for looking at the computer too long time and taking less care of the kid. Everyone want to earn money, but we need to know what is more important. if the internet can not provide you enough money to survive your family, we need to do some other job which can provide us solid money. Don't forget your kids and wife, pay attention to their feeling, this is only for fun or at your free time.
• United States
27 Nov 08
Well here in my lot you can earn a little money maybe i recommend you an hour or one hour and half!! And you can put comments and post and earn some money because if you earn 0.35 cents per day you can have at the end of the month 10 dollars... and its amazing ;). Have a nice day and a good week ;) see you and bye bye. Have a nice thanksgiving day :)
@suntuu (294)
• India
27 Nov 08
same is the case with me,but here my parents are fed up with me due to my internet addiction and no result from it. simultaneously,they are blaming my internet addiction(obviously making money) for the degradation in my school exams