Kanye West's New Album

November 26, 2008 8:13pm CST
hey so I'm wondering if you guys like Kanye West's new album? I kinda do, I know its totally different from anything that he's done but thats what I like about it. I really like the songs Say You Will and Heartless. So is anyone else a fan or do you think that he should have stuck to rapping?
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8 Feb 09
Although I am a huge Kanye fan, I would have to admit, that I didn't think that 808s would be as good as it is. I mean we should applaud Kanye for introducing us to something new...well at least something kinda new. With Tpain, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and even 50 cent, jumping on the auto tune ship, its easy for listeners to get tired of that same old sound. But Kanye brought something different to the table with the album. After dominating 50 cent and all other rappers with THE GRADUATION, "Ye" already proved he's on top of the game. So what better way to prove his greatness by releasing the number 1 album in another genre....CRAZY. I personally like SAY YOU WILL, ROBOCOP, SEE YOU IN MY NIGHTMARES, WELCOME TO HEARTBREAK, HEARTLESS, and my favorite song out right now PARANOID. Overall the album is hot....not hotter than THE GRADUATION...but hot...way better than CURTIS, and any other rap album this year not named THE CARTER III.
@Gesusdid (1681)
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30 Dec 08
its good all around , its more like him singing melodies to stories than up right , singing straight songs ...my favorites are number 4 and number 10 , i thnk he stumped everyone , cause the way the album got put out on the media , was like Kanye Singing with the Autotune ..but they never went into detail of it ...Street lights is nice too ...
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23 Dec 08
Well lets look at the entire spectrum first. Mary J. was called the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, so that means a lot of people said what she did was a form of hip hop. Hip Hop is more than Rap, its expression and that is what Kanye has done. He has expressed himself more than most people can experience. Thanks to him, artist should know that every song should not sound a like. A lot of people are hating, but the only thing I can see being indifferent about is the depression. Its a dark album, so if that bothers you I understand, but if you say the music is no good, then neither are you.
@mdizzy (12)
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27 Nov 08
His new album isn't that bad, actually. I had low expectations for it, but after a listen I liked it. It sounded sort of like euro-pop, mixed with a drum machine (an 808) and given a hip-hop breadth. Sonically I was pleased. Although Kanye West isn't that great of a singer. Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne both felt out of place to me, but Kid Cudi fit right in on the album. The lyrics on this album were pretty good but not as great as some previous Kanye tracks. Overall, I'd got 7/10.