what is the best way to do if your partner always make jealous?

November 26, 2008 9:27pm CST
what if (your partner)she/he make jealous all time? without knowing any reason of what you have done. (i hope you know what i mean). does the it mean that your partner was just make a reason to end up you relation or testing how much you love him/her?
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@kunking (1116)
• China
27 Nov 08
i didn't know why ur make jealous about u .. it seems nomal that some of partners have done so due to the humanity. but i don't think they want to make a reason to end up your relation...just neglect their feeling of jealous and do as much as u can to convince them..
• Malaysia
27 Nov 08
jealousy is a normal thing in a relationship.. it doesn't mean that he/she want to end up the relationship... jealousy is to show how much you partner loves you..thats all.. don't think something nonsense about him/her.. :)
@jazel_juan (15767)
• Philippines
27 Nov 08
i still cannot decipher why one would try to make one's partner jealous..the point is just making that person jealous so if your partner is trying to make you jealous then do not react, he is just trying to make you jealous...just trying and its not real...lol i am confusing but really there is no point in reacting over it, maybe he is testing you but that is pointless either, it means he don't trust you or vice versa..or why would you risk putting your relationship in such a rocky situation? oh well.. i might be confusing and i hope you understand what i am saying lol