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November 27, 2008 1:03am CST
hi everyone!i have a question regarding the last part of the harry potter series!so here it is! How did Neville longbottom got the godric gryffindor sword at last part(while killing nagini the snake) when it was taken by Griphook the goblin during the gringotts fiasco from Harry? Does anybody know?
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31 Dec 08
o i read it once but i think when harry was getting rady to die he gave it to him. The fake sword was still in the office i think i can't rember it. lol sorry.
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12 Dec 08
The sword came to Neville because he showed himself as a true Gryffindor, brave, couragous, one who stands up for what's right no matter what. It is that spirit in him that unleashed the sword out of the Sorting Hat and allowed him to destroy the only thing standing in Harry's way.
@vijigopi (991)
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10 Dec 08
After Griphook had taken the sword from Harry, I thought that he had lost it for ever. But when Neville pulls it out of the hat, I understood that whatever a goblin might think, when Godric Griffindor paid for that sword, it belonged to him and he made it be useful in such a way that a true Griffindor who wanted help got it. So, now I am thinking even if Harry had the sword with him in the last part, Neville would nevertheless have got it out of the hat when he needed it. It did not matter who had the sword but who needed it was more important, I guess.
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1 Dec 08
Remember the line of Dumbledore "help will come to Hogwarts when it needed", that explains how did harry and Neville have the sword from the sorting hat. Also, only a true griffindor can have that sword, Nevile has all the qualities of a real griffindor.
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28 Nov 08
remember harry potter and the chamber of secrets? when fawkes bring the sword to harry? that's exactly what happen. The swords come as responds to any gryffindor calls.
@aswin08 (34)
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27 Nov 08
though that goblin stole the sword,the choosing hat had the capacity of bringing the sword anywhere.Neville was a true Gryffindor so that sword cam to him via that hat.Its a hidden theory which Rowling must have explained.