On Special Economic Zones

@mookhor (304)
November 27, 2008 7:36am CST
Recently it has been noticed that Special Economic Zones are being built up in different parts inside the developing countries. It has been learned that in such SEZ or Special Economic Zones laws of the land is compromised at the cost of the labor and that workers are put at the point of persecution for more production and for more profit. It is also said that the country in which the SEZ is built up do not finally receive any benefit. And no SEZ is built in the USA or in the UK or in any developed country. In China it has been reported that workers in the SEZ are have to accept a life the standard of which is far below that of the slaves of the USA. We scream just listening to such news and such news are not false always. Will anyone tell me what benefit such SEZ may award us or if it is at all desirable? Please let me know if you know this.
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