The Blasts in Bomay yesterday

@kiran8 (15354)
Mangalore, India
November 27, 2008 8:11am CST
My heart goes out to all those who got killed and wounded in yet another terror attack in bomaby.The worst ever so far.114 people have been killed so far, and the terrorists are still holding guests hostages at 2 hotels with the forces trying to save the guests, many of who are foreigners.Ultimately this is what religion does to man.At times like this i feel ashamed to be called a human being.Animals are better than us. The terrorists who have been constantly attacking india at several places are being financed and armed by the neighboring country and may be some within the country as well...what a tragedy! I hope at least some people respond to this discussion and make their views known..
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@mvsrao (4367)
• India
27 Nov 08
Terrorists just want to create terror among Indians and they want to weaken our society . They are able to achieve their goals as India had not been strong enough in punishing them . And as you said it correct , terrorists are supported both financially and physically from out side India and they also get support and asylum from some people within India India needs to fight in strong manner and punish the terrorists with highest punishment .