Ever laughed at someone's mifortune !!!

@ronnyb (6119)
November 27, 2008 11:36am CST
You dont mean to be unkind but sometime you hear something about someone and you cant help but laugh.It doesnt mean that you ar einconsiderate but the situation is comical (when you have stripped away the pain),you laugh and then empathize. Consider the following scenario.Awell dressed woman walks into a store and she is real hot.She is walking so vainly ,well poised ,hands at an angle and hip swirling from side to side.All eyes are on her,whistles and oooh's and aaah's accompany her entrance.Suddenly she slips ,slides and crashes in a heap with her mouth beneath the crotch of naked mannequin.Even worse she ends up with a purple wig on her head .Now I would rush to pick her up and help her to her feet ,inspite of the fact that she wouldnt have even noticed me a few a couple minutes ago ,even if I had called to her.This is because such a situation appeals to the humanity in me and I cant ignore someone in need.When I was with my friends however I would relate the story and we would have a good laugh,I would even do my best dramatization of the events. Now this kind of situation I am talking about,after ensuring that she was not hurt ,I would have a laugh at her expense.Does that make me a bad person ?mind you there are limits to what you can laugh about because situations involving death can never be amusing even the person involve dis reckless and foolish .Also there are situations that you may laugh at initially and have a conscience attack later. What are some of the situations that you think you could laugh at ?and are tehre limits and would you have a conscience attack after.
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• Philippines
28 Nov 08
I think it would be really rude if someone gets into an accident like that. I mean, if I am the one who will get into that same embarrassing experience, I surely do not want those people to laugh at me. That would be adding more insult to injury.
@Daunt02 (19)
• United States
27 Nov 08
Ever since I was a kid I would laugh if someone fell because I had the habit of falling a lotand everybody would laugh at me when it happened. Social conditioning at work. Now not so much though. It hurts when you fall.