Mt. Vernon, George Washington's Home and Estate

November 27, 2008 6:02pm CST
Since we don't report to work today (Thanksgiving holiday), we decided to go somewhere. We decided we would go and visit Mt. Vernon, a few minutes drive from our place. We have been planning to go there for quite sometime and we're able to go today. According to the Mt.Vernon Visitor Map, George Washington acquired Mount Vernon in 1754. During the next 45 years, he greatly expanded his home to reflect his status as a Virginia gentleman, personally overseeing every detail of design, construction, and decoration- even when away at war. Vibrant wall colors demonstrate the Washington's wealth and style. The interior has been meticulously restored based on a 1799 inventory taken at the time of Washington's death. I was indeed a vast estate. We were there at about 10am and we left the place a little after 4 in the afternoon. With that time, we're still not able to see ALL of the grounds but we were able to go to the major ones: the mansion, the gardens, his tomb, slave quarters, (some parts of the) farm and so much more. It was indeed a very good experience. I am able to learn more about George Washington because of this.
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