A woman can't be arrested by a police man between 6 pm to 6am

@marisriel (1157)
November 27, 2008 8:34pm CST
There's a case when a woman was with her boyfriend one night and they were stopped by a certain policeman. They did not have their licenses with them and the woman asked her boyfriend to get their license at home and she went with the policeman alone. Unfortunately, that girl was raped by the policeman. For me it was very stupid for the girl to go with the police alone. Although police men should be the one whom we can trust, there are really more than a hundred cases when it's the police who made the crimes. And I've read that there is a law that a woman can't be arrested by a police man, even if he does have an arrest warrant, he can't force a woman to come with her if it's in the middle of the night. However, an arrest can be made if the police man is accompanied by a police woman.
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• India
28 Nov 08
yes, a similar incident happened in Mumbai in India. It was all over the papers. I don’t really think the girl was stupid, I rather think she had no option. In many countries where people are not aware of their rights and we all know how intimidating the police can be. Also in many societies free mixing of girls and boys are frowned upon and this may have played in the girls mind too. She quietly accompanied the policeman in the hope that her parents wont be informed.
• Malaysia
28 Nov 08
is it true?? maybe not..
@lisa0502 (1726)
• Canada
28 Nov 08
I think that this is a reasonable thing. There are alot of people who let the power of having a badge go to their head. I know that in Canada you can not be frisked by a police man.