Definitions of the word "Beautiful"

@eynjel05 (444)
November 27, 2008 11:32pm CST
If someone tells you that you are beautiful, what are the things that you are thinking? There are different definitions of the word beautiful. Can you atleast give me your own meaning of the word BEAUTIFUL?
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@Grandmaof2 (7603)
• Canada
28 Nov 08
First of all MY definition of beautiful is a person who speaks kindly of others, someone who follows the golden rule of how to treat someone and someone you can trust and rely on without feeling judged. Unfortunately in todays world all too often being a beautiful person means you are built to please the eyes and wear just the right clothes.
@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
Thank you.. that was indeed a nice answer. Being beautiful not only because you have a pleasing looks. Have a nice day!
• India
28 Nov 08
to me beautiful is someone who cares, someone who is always there for me, someone who loves me, someone who stands by besides me in hard times, someone who doesnt cares about my past, someone who is loyal to me, someone who makes me smile, and that someone is you....