To work or not to work?

@yoj118 (329)
November 27, 2008 11:47pm CST
I was a college graduate of B.S. Psychology and I used to work as a teacher as my first job then became a Human Resource Officer in a distributing company. After 2 years in my last work I opted to stop and just focus being a homemaker. I have two kids, a boy and a girl both in the early childhood years.. It's been difficult to adjust during the first year of being a plain housewife..the huge change in my career made me become irritable and always whining about so many things... However, when I get used to my everyday routine and chores aside from taking care of my children, I have come to the point of accepting my self as a homemaker wholeheartedly and I honestly enjoy it now especially the bonding moments I have with my kids. It's been 3 years now since I stopped from work. But now that our children are growing up and soon our youngest will start schooling, finances are getting tight and with the current financial crisis affecting the whole world, one financial provider would not be enough to augment the needs of our household.. so I'm thinking of going back to work so I could help my husband with our financial stability..but considering the fact that 3 years of not working would also imply a loss in chance of getting back to the work I used to have...for companies need people who have more experience and continuous development is highly I doubt if I could get my job back or try to look for other profession... Another thing is, I'm also hesitant on leaving my kids with a nanny. I doubt if they could handle well my kids just like how I'm doing with them..I already have some negative experiences with a nanny before when I'm still working that's why I could hardly trust one right now. These are the reasons why I'm still undecided about working again... I need other homemakers like me for some good advice and suggestions... hope you could help get through this dilemma....
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• Singapore
28 Nov 08
I'm also in a dilemma like you. I stopped working when I gave birth. I have been seeking ways to make money online for the past one year, but with little success. I'm earning a little bit here and there, but not much to maintain a household. My daughter is going to be two years old soon. And I will have to think of whether to start workign again or not. I might only do so if it is absolutely necessary. My suggestion is to work half a day on a part-time basis, while your children goes to preschool. Then you can still be home with them in the afternoon when you come back from work. This is what I intend to do too when my daughter goes to preschool. I still want to be with her when she's home, rather than hand her over to a nanny or child care centre. In the meantime, I'm trying to earn as much online, so that I would not even need to do that. Wish me luck! All the best to you!
@yoj118 (329)
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
hi Sydney!! it's great to hear your response about my dilemma.. right now, I'm also inclined to joining sites where I could earn some extra income while at home...though as you've mentioned it's not really that enough to maintain a household.. but it's worth to try especially for homemakers like us .. I'm also considering the option of taking a part time job though I'm not so sure if the income from it would be sufficient.. I'd like to work at a BPO or call center companies like where my husband is currently working .. the salary is better than other day jobs because of the above-average rate they give to employees plus other benefits such as night differential and commissions... the only problem is I have to work at night and our kids would be left alone in our home during this time of the day..that's why I'm still hesitant to push through with the idea. So right now, I'm also trying my best to earn as much online so I could still be as productive as I can even though at home aside from enjoying time with my kids. I've learned you're a member of Triond too. I'll try to add you to my friend's list so we could help each other out with our articles.. All the best to you too!!
@neededhope (1086)
• United States
13 Dec 08
This is what you should do. First weigh out the extra costs of how much more it'll cost you if you go to work. Such as after-school day care, gas, lunches and if you don't have a car than extra finances for that too. Car insurance, car payment. It all adds up. And if your pay check is let's say $400 a week bring up. After you take out the cost of lunches, gas, day care your down to most likely $150. and if you count the other things that affect too. Such as your kids at a day care meeting other kids and also being teached by other adults they may pick up bad habits too. The best thing you can do is really think about it and discuss it with your husband and to make sure you are doing the best possible thing for your family and your children.