dreams.... do they come true?

@karubod (603)
November 27, 2008 11:48pm CST
Some people say that dreams which come early in the morning come true?Really does it happen?.does any one have such kind of experience.please share if yes.we dream in b&w or colours?some times i try to recall the dream but after waking up im just not able to recollect!
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• Malaysia
28 Nov 08
Hello karubod.. Yup.. Its happen to me.. Its always happen. Sometimes I scared because I ever experience having dream about someone that will die.. I thought it just a dream. But a couple of week after that its really happen just like what I have dream. I told this to my mom but they laugh at me.. But now.. No more dream like that come to my sleep. But all my dream still became reality. I never told this to other people because I afraid that they gonna call me a crazy girl. I keep it as my secrete.
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@karubod (603)
• India
28 Nov 08
I do believe u .there is nothing crazy abt this some times it may hppen in our sub conscious mind
• New Zealand
28 Nov 08
I usually don't believe in stuffs like that. I think there is no such scientific proof. I believe dream comes because of rapid eye moment. I am just wondering how come the things we just dream while sleeping can happen in a real life. May be a coincidence can happen sometimes. But I don't think its true or it will come real all the time. Of course yes, some peoples can experience something happening for them in real life, but I will just call it as a coincidence.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
28 Nov 08
I don't seem to remember my dreams, I would love to have a nice romantic dreams but the only ones I have remembered have been nightmares so I hope they don't come true...the last one I had I was back at school and that was a nightmare as I hated school.