Worst injury you've ever had?

United States
November 28, 2008 12:06am CST
What was the worst injury you ever had? Here's mine: The first time I went snowboarding there was no natural snow and the beginning of the morning was hot enough to make the artificial snow begin to slush, but the midday cooled down to make it icy. About 4 hours in I hit hard on my elbow and laid there in pain for a minute. Unfortunately, I brought along my cousin, so I did not want to look like a pansy. Thankfully adrenaline kicked in and I continued to shred for another 3 hours. As I was walking back to the lodge I began to feel twinges of pain in my elbow. I shrugged it off and went inside returning my rental equipment. Upon lifting my boots to the counter I felt a shock of pain. My elbow had grown incredibly large. I showed my dad thinking it was just like a Skater's bow and shrugged off the pain. When I hit the heat inside the car i felt the swelling begin to grow and the pain increase in intensity. My uncle being a jokester made elbow jokes all the way back to the hotel (45 minutes away), and not knowing the true injury had stopped at McDonalds and asked if they had Elbow Macaroni for me. Distraught when I got back to the hotel my shoulder seemed locked and any motion in my arm made me feel queasy. My mom took one look and gasped in shock. The presumed hematoma had grown from a skater's bow to about 3 inches up and 3 inches below my elbow, while protruding out about 2 inches. We quickly went downstairs and asked for directions to the nearest hospital. I laughed while I was down here despite my pain because of the guy's facial expressions seeing my arm. At the hospital they cut off my shirt (swelling made it too painful for it to be removed). They diagnosed me with a broken elbow, and burst bursae sacs all combined with a large hematoma. They soft-casted me and gave me a prescription for Vicodin. The swelling eventually spread from there and went from my shoulder down to my wrist while protruding out about 1.5 inches. Luckily there was no permanent damage and my arm is fully functional and I am going snowboarding again in a few weeks!
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@rajfoe (354)
• India
28 Nov 08
Hi friend, thanks for adding me to your friends list. Ya i would like to share the worst injury that i ever got till now in my life. It happened while i was playing soccer in my school days. At that time while running behind the ball i tripped and fell and i correctly landed on the ball only due to which i had dislocated the bone in my right hand. But now am fine. Happy mylotting friend.
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• United States
28 Nov 08
Ow that sucks a lot. Thanks for posting!
@sayan007 (45)
• India
28 Nov 08
The worst injury i ever had was when i met with an accident while riding my motorcycle .I had a few broken ribs and a broken collar bone.Also i might add that that was the only major injury i ever had.