Let's share our love stories and share some tears togheter...

November 28, 2008 12:41am CST
Hello amazing people of MyLot :) Well, who have not been in love at least once in his/hers life? Nobody! I am here to share my love story, actually it's more of a sad story but love were there always. When I was still some kind of a kid, my parents got separed, making me so sad as you may imagine with all their shouts and angry conversations and bla bla...until my mother decided to take me and my brother to another house to start a new life. I went to a new house, new school, new friends. I really was starting a new life from the beggining. And when I started the new school year I went to the back sits of the classroom and as the teachers were introducing themselves to the children, I felt someone staring at me at left sits of the classroom near the windows. It was a girl named Sol (that means sun in portuguese) with such a pretty eyes and hair that took my attention away from those old teacheres. We shared a great moment (seconds) with our eyes looking at the same direction, we felt a deep connection. And then we got interruped on our eyes meeting by her close friend that was seat on the front table of hers. They were talking low between them and Sol pointed to me like calling her best frien attention to me, and I got red as a tomato. After days like this way. I can tell you, the first weeks I didnt pay attention to any teacher, she got all my attention as I got all her attention. It looked so perfect. I can remember that look like she was here right now staring at me with her baby blue eyes. Certain day we went off of the classroom and her best friend come to me and told that Sol was interested on me (Phew, I was naive but not that much, I had no doubts she was into me, like I was into her) and advised me to ask her on a date and then have something more. I didn't hesitate and went to find Sol to start a conversation with her (the first one after so many eyecontacts) and as words were coming out of my mouth I could help but blushing when I finally got courage to ask her out. I remember (damn good times =( ) she answered me in positive with that pure and amazing soft voice. It was my lucky day, I met a beautiful girl that is actually my classmate and is interested on me and we are going out on a date (Couldn't be more lucky). I shared the notice to all my friends and family that I was going on a date. I was so happy and bervous at the same time. You won't belive but days before our date, I watched so many romantic movies. You know why? I'll tell you. I wanted to give her the best kiss that could exist, I wanted to know how to kiss good and that made me more nevous(MORE?). Finally it was the day. I met her at a mall and we went to a cinema. I was really nervous (damn kid) and I couldnt move a muscule when I was close to her. And the night was over and I was the saddest boy on the earth. I didnt have guts to kiss her, almost didnt say a word, and I realized she was really disappointed. (If I knew what I know today...) Days passed without any comment from both parts between me and her. We were paying more attenting to teachers and suddenly that FIRE was blown away. Unfortunately I was only a kid to know what to do, had no exprience to do whatever it was supposed to do or say. But as the years moved on and we got more older we were getting close again but as friends, we started to talk normally and shared our little secrets and we decided to help each other with girls(that I wanted) and boys(that she wanted), yeah we were really best friends. And the wrost was that we were hiding our feelings from each other. Until the day I realized that she didnt like me anymore and started to date a big, with a strong body boy. That made me cry for a couple of weeks. I knew I had lost her... After one more year everything was the same, I liked her but kept telling everyone that she was nothing but a friend, yeah I tried to fool on myself as well, making me believe I liked other girls I dated. But the final day of high school arrived(two years aog), the finalist prome. It was the last chance I had. It was the best night of my life I must say. She was mine and I was hers for that night, I felt the best kiss in my life, I wasnt kissing her lips but her soul and heart, I was completly in love and she was my everything, we spend the whole night togheter. I'll keep the rest of the night for me =') The next everything changed, she was different, she broke my heart and left FOREVER. I tried everything to have her back. I can give you a few examples. I learnt programing and in 3 months with nights and days without sleeping I made a game for her where the main character was I and I had to rescue here :) I bought and learnt guitar to sing her her favourite songs I took her on a balloon voyage! I wrote on the planes flag that passed over the beach telling that I loved her. I started to play soccer so she could be proud of me.Nothing resulted to have her back, I think she couldnt feel what I wanted her to feel anymore. She started to ignore me on the school like she didnt know me, and on the internet she kept saying that everything was cool between us. I went to face her... and I asked her "I am going to kiss you and if you reject it I will leave your life forever"... Yeah she rejected the kiss but cried when I left. Until today I dont understand. 6 years passed since I met her and my damn feelings can't go away. And I can say that she was the one who I really loved until now. "is this is how the book ends? nothing but good friends..." Let me know your story ;)
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28 Nov 08
wowooww! that is a very looonnng story...hehehe anyway, my love story is just beginning...i have just been married last year to my first real love and we are expecting our first baby. there is just so much love in our marriage and much more love to share because our the fruit of our love. we are so excited with the coming baby. that is my love story here on earht...the one in heaven? well that is a different story. that is the kind of love that i cannot describe. because it is so overwhelming. God bless you and take care always !:-)