i thought i didn't like him

November 28, 2008 2:55am CST
but when he joked with another classmate girl, I felt so depressed. As in, all my fears that I would get hurt if I start to fall resurfaced. I was so angry with myself for "falling" because I know men are born polygamous. I can see though that he cares as of now for me, like he talks and looks at me a lot and jokes and laughs with me a lot..he said that he even had sickness and it was because of me..we also noticed each other's eyebags lol..I noticed that he also finds reason to touch like my face ..but what's worse was that when he did that, I blushed..actually i did not know that i blush but i could feel the blood rising and then my classmate noticed it and thought I was drunk...God! It's more worse than ever. I'm really afraid of it...i even planned to absent or whatever just to be away from him because I'm starting to be in too deep. i hate this..what should i do? i'm really going crazy. What do you think? does he know that i like him?
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
28 Nov 08
U are 18 now, gal.. And thta u are still able to experience such a sweet love, u are very lucky.. Love is about feelings, and it's just that simple.. If u are sure or unsure about him, ask him striaght.. If u dun clear the doubt in u, both of u will forever in a awkward position.. ANd though jealous, but both of u dun have the right to do anything.. lol =D So, why make yoursleves so miserable, when all u need is just one confirmation.. haha
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• Philippines
29 Nov 08
it's really difficult for me to say anything..i don't even show my jealousy.. I continue being happy but inside, i'm really really angry and sad.
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