give your top 10 favorite anime!!!! just a survey

top 10 list - what is your top 10 list of favorite anime
November 28, 2008 3:22am CST
me my top 10 favorite anime is 1.naruto 2.dragonball 3.ghostfighter 4.hunterxhunter 5.bleach 7.samuraiX 8.btX 9.raven 10.gundam whats yours?
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• Philippines
30 Nov 08
my top 9 favorite anime is: 1. melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 2. full metal panic (all seasons) 3. kanokon 4. shuffle 5. ah my goddess chibi version 6. negima (1st season only) 7. lucky star 8. full metal alchemist 9. midori days that's some of my favorite anime and still adding more! enjoy mylotting.. =)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
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• Philippines
1 Dec 08
nice site.... by the way thanks for participating in my discussion.. hope you enjoy it
@allynar (70)
• Romania
6 Mar 09
karasu,bui - 2 of the bad guys from toguro team
My top 10 anime is:1 Inuyasha,2 Naruto,3 Saiunkoku monogatari,4 Bleach,5 Vampire knight,6 Yuyu hakusho,7 Dragonball Z,8 Yugioh,9 Ai no kusabi,10 Peacemaker kurogane.And many more but the bassic 10 this is!
@tabachi (263)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
my favorites are 1.kirarin 2.pitaten 3.lovely idol 4.pretty cure gogo 5.i also like bleach 6.alice academy 7.lucky star 8.disgea 9.meow meow taruto 10.kamichan karin
• Italy
10 Dec 08
i love anime......:),,,,, this is my top 10: 1.naruto shippuden 2.prince of tennis 3.hunter x hunter 4.slam dunk piece 6.dragon ball 7.yu-gi-oh 8.shaman king 9.raven 10.samurai x or inuyasha :D
@VH31IC (24)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
1. Samurai X 2. Naruto 3. Shijou Saikyou No Deshi: Kenichi (History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi) 4. Claymore 5. One Outs 6. Akagi 7. Major 8. Eyeshield 21 9. Dragonball Series 10. Ghostfighter
@23uday (2998)
• India
5 Dec 08
Hi frnds, my favorite top 10 anime were over the hedge ice age 1,2 sindabad carz bleach detective canon ghost fighter dragon ball cindrella prince od tennis.
@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
5 Dec 08
I've seen a lot of anime so it's kind of hard to pick just 10 as my favorite. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites: -Initial D -Rurouni Kenshin -Slayers series -Full Metal Panic series -Ookiku Furikabutte -Zeta Gundam -Trigun -Martian Successor Nadesico -Detective Conan -Prince of Tennis
@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
29 Nov 08
Im not used of watching anime I'm just sometimes found myself watching such with my 2 brothers or sometimes with my cousins because sometimes the episodes are interesting. I can't promise to give my top 10, but I'll try to name some of them. 1. Fushigi yugi 2. One piece 3. Lupin III 4. Ghost Fighter 5. Flame of Recca 6. Street Fighter That would be all. SOrry Can't make it to the top ten.:-)