Is Cracking illegal If So Why So many Cracks Softwares..........???

@Tushavi (2078)
Karachi, Pakistan
November 28, 2008 5:32am CST
Hi to All Well I Just Start a Discussion About Cracking. Is Cracking a Software illegal in Your Country??? Here in our country there is not Rules About Cracking or Hacking & Specially PayPal Not Available Here So Here People Use Ares & Torrent & Download a Crack Just Crack a Software & Start Using I am not a Very honest about this But i ask you about here in Pakistan If You wish to bought a Software genuine license You Can't Buy Because All are Use PayPal as A Payment Method & We Haven't Any PayPal Anyway, I Share you a Yesterday Experience I Use DAP it's a Latest Version of DAP & if you upgrade Normal to premium Speedbit Charge You a Single time $29.99 Fee So I Just Search out "DAP 8.7 Crack Torrent" & easily Download & use Free.I ask About its am Doing illegal Work??? Because I Don't have Enough money to Bought anything License that I easily download & I Already tells you about Payment Procession Problems So in Such case if It's Allowed to Crack anything if Not Why Cracking allowed on Torrent & like this Places??? Please give me Your opinion & have a nice day.
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• United States
29 Nov 08
This is completely unrelated, but can I ask why you capitalize the first letter of so many random words as you type them. I have always wondered why people who do this do it, it looks very strange to me and is a bit hard to read.
@dumindum (160)
• Oman
28 Nov 08
ya. what you are doing is illigal beause you are not paying the makers of the software . this is a huge loss for them