Don't you think that the login fields should be at the 1st page of mylot ???

November 28, 2008 9:33am CST
My internet speed is very slow,I agree. Now it takes me hell lot of time to open the mylot start page. Then after opening it, I've to click on the login link, and then the login page loads. All sites have their login fields at the start of the web site. Don't you think, it would be a lot better that mylot would also keep its login field at the first page ???
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@smacksman (6074)
28 Nov 08
Much better for you to Bookmark(Firefox) or add to Favourites (IE) a page like 'Today's Top' and to let your computer remember your username and password for Mylot. When I open Mylot it goes straight to the page listing new discussions. So much quicker than having to log in each time. This of course only works if you are using your own PC - not if you are in a cybernet cafe, library, school PC, etc. If you don't close Firefox but just shut down your PC then when you switch on the next day Firefox will ask you if you want to restore your last session. If you say 'Yes' then all the sites that you had open will be restored. Much quicker!